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The Oklahoma Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra’s mission is to provide programs of the highest artistic quality for its audiences with performances that should entertain, inform and enrich the quality of life in diverse local and regional audiences.  OVCO brings a new, shared musical experience to listeners of all ages, backgrounds, and aspirations. We believe that the universal language of music encompasses human emotion, edifies the spirit and promotes better understanding of the world.​

Our goals

In executing its mission, the Oklahoma Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra is committed to the following goals:

  • Increasing the awareness of, and support for, music written for chamber string orchestra

  • Expanding the Masterworks series of classical and non-classical performances in OKC metro area

  • Developing music appreciation and creativity for young students

  • Enhancing community celebrations and holidays with orchestra performances

  • Providing outreach programs to serve more constituents and communities

  • Exploring opportunities to collaborate with other artists and organizations​

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